Peckham Rye Tailors, Newburgh Street, London W1F

This ‘portrait’ piece was commissioned by the proprietor of Peckham Rye Tailors, Newburgh Street, London, W1. It was completed in March 2014. The gentleman in question is a fifth generation tailor tracing those origins as far back as the early 18th century. The family tree and the stories intertwined among its branches were many and varied – at times intriguing and at others thrilling! The finished work is set on the night of census taking (March 31, 1851), where the whole family is assembled at home, waiting to be counted. The painting includes many other elements, collaged, to fully tell the family history and mapping out their fascinating tale.

A piece such as this required a great deal of research, access to reference material and planning. Consultation is everything in a commission such as this.