Kettner's Laurent-Perrier Champagne Bar & Restaurant, Soho, London W1D

Completed in March 2014, the mural in Kettner’s Champagne Bar & Restaurant was commissioned by the Gondola Group & Laurent-Perrier Champagne House.

Although Kettner’s dates back to the 19th century, the brief required the mural to have a distinctly 1920s/1930s feel. The ‘story’ was to have a scandalous undertone, sexual but with the main emphasis being on decadence and luxury befitting the space, the product and their respective histories. Sourcing illustrations as inspiration from Vogue magazines from the period, I chose to tell the tale of a society lady discovering her husband and his mistress in their family townhouse. A bottle of Laurent-Perrier sits recently poured and tantalisingly waiting to be enjoyed. The use of tompe-l’oeil in the piece aids the continuity between the 2 separate rooms by simulating the panelled features in one room, which is actually absent in the other. The mural was painted exclusively on site and in heavy body acrylic paint. The other pieces of artwork were commissioned for different events.